Bully Prevention Tonawanda

Bully Prevention Tonawanda

Everyone today is worried about bulling and what it is doing to our kids.   I, myself, think about my son and daughter and pray that their school years are bully free.   However, while I pray for that to happen I prepare them for the reality of life.    I know that they will be bullied and I know that they will have to be taught how to overcome that situation.   I can’t be there with them at the school yard and the lunch room but I can teach them what to do and what to say.  I can also challenge them daily so that they grow up to be strong and confident children.

In general kids are bullied either physically or verbally and teaching youth how to defend themselves physically is the easier of the two and takes less time.    A youth can learn how, where, and when to strike quickly in order to physically defend themselves but what takes some time is to learn how to overcome verbal abuse.        Any Martial Arts school can teach self defense but more importantly a good school must challenge people to teach them self respect and confidence.   That is the key to good bully prevention because once a child becomes confident and has self respect he can’t be bullied by words.

Therefore, bully prevention in any good martial arts school needs to focus on the two aspects of bully prevention.   Physically every person has a right to self defense and no one can take that away.   But more importantly, a good martial arts program will instill confidence and  self respect.


“A confident child can’t be bullied”

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