AKKI Kenpo Schools

AKKI Kenpo Schools are International!

The Martial Arts Community  is full of people claiming to be 5th degree to 10th degree Black Belts but when you ask them when they tested or who signed their certificate they mumble about someone named Sam who taught them 30 years ago...

I don't want that.  In fact, I want my students to know who my teacher is and I want them to know who his teacher is.    This way there is no question about my training and no question where the material is coming from.

AKKI Kenpo provides me and my students an established training regimen that is the same internationally.  It also provides my students and myself the opportunity to test in front of an International panel led by Paul Mills and his personal students.

This is true martial arts, not some guy who opens a school but can't explain where he trained or tested and doesn't acknowledge a current teacher.

If you are researching martial arts schools and deciding where to go, ask a potential teacher who his teacher is and when can you meet him.   If he can't answer that question that please ask more questions and continue to research before you decide.

AKKI kenpo is also a complete system of martial arts that not only has hand to hand techniques but also three weapons, the staff, the sticks, and the knife.


Also, please feel free to visit these other AKKI Kenpo Schools.   These AKKI Kenpo Schools are in no particular order and is not a complete list.   More AKKI Kenpo Schools coming soon! 

ACT Kenpo training facility Jim and Brandi Clark


American Combat Training (ACT) is a self defense training facility that specializes in street effective self defense. Utilizing empty hands, clubs, knives, and guns, ACT will help you develop the skills necessary to walk with confidence in this day and age where anything can happen. Although experience is not a prerequisite for the class, we have many students that come from different martial arts and self defense backgrounds in order to sharpen their skills. Located in Ogden, Utah.

 AKKI Europe


The American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) is headed by 10th Degree Black Belt Mr. Paul Mills - a direct and private student of Mr. Ed Parker for over 10 years. Located in Ireland.

AKKI Kenpo Karate Synergy Martial Arts


Call today 435-225-3645 6907 North 2350 West Honeyville UT, Brigham city ut, Tremonton Ut. Located in West Honeyville UT

AKKI Self Defense at Gold's Gym Hanover

Join us in our fast paced, high energy classes to build strength and conditioning, learn self-defense, and develop your confidence. Located in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

American Kenpo AKKI France


Welcome to the American Kenpo Karate International France (AKKI). This is a system of explosive and powerful self-defense. Located in Saint Cloud, France.

American Kenpo Karate Academy


A bunch of schools in Northern England


American Kenpo Karate International | AKKI | Paul Mills Kenpo


Official website of the American Kenpo Karate International association. The AKKI was founded by 10th degree black belt Mr. Paul Mills. Located in Evanston, Utah.

Applied Kenpo Karate Ireland


Teaching Master Paul Mills AKKI Kenpo. Our school caters to Adults and Children both male and female. We have an open door policy so regardless if you are a novice or experienced why not come along and experience a class. Located in Dublin, Ireland.


Arrowhead Martial Arts


Salt Lake City, Utah | Self Defense & Kenpo Karate Classes.  Get a smart start in the martial arts. Beginner-friendly classes for adults in Salt Lake City, Utah. No flexibility or experience required. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bridgeville KenpoKarate Inc


Teaching American Kenpo Karate under Sr. Master Paul Mills and the AKKI. Mr. Smith, 8th Degree Black Belt, AKKI Kenpo. Over 40 years in American Kenpo. Former professional celebrity Bodyguard, Vietnam Era U.S. Air Force Veteran and more. Located in Bridgeville, Delaware.



En la actualidad, el Kenpo Parker busca ser un sistema de defensa personal enfocado a las situaciones reales. Los practicantes de este arte realizan a lo largo de su desarrollo como kenpostas un minucioso estudio del movimiento y la mecnica corporal para aplicarlo al combate. Located in Heredia, Costa Rica.

CCK Martial Arts


Our passion is teaching realistic martial arts. AKKI Kenpo is the cutting edge of modern tactical self-defense fast, direct, powerful, and effective for all body types, sizes and ages. Our age-specific classes are tailored to the individual, and we offer reasonable class rates with NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT CONTRACTS. Located in Westminster, Maryland.

Dragons Den Dojo


Self Mastery Starts with you. Located in Azle, Texas.

French Academy of American Kenpo AKKI


The French Academy of American Kenpo is affiliated with the AKKI and FEKAMT (European Karate Federation and Traditional Martial Arts). It was created and is managed by M.Belmond MOUKOUDI, 4th degree instructor and representative of the discipline in France AKKI. Located in Saint Cloud, France.

Jon Yaple's Kenpo/Jujitsu


We encourage new students as well as all styles of martial arts to visit and workout together. We can each learn something from one another and apply it in our daily life. Located in Carson City, Nevada.

MSD Kenpo Karate


Teaching Karate classes in North Tonawanda and teaching adults AKKI Kenpo Karate. Classes at all times and at all levels. Located in Tonawanda, New York.

Newark Kenpo Karate of Delaware


Welcome to Newark Kenpo Karate. We teach the art of American Kenpo Karate founded by Senior Grand Master Ed Parker, 10th degree Black Belt, and developed by Master Paul Mills, 10th Degree Black Belt, and creator of the system as we know it today. Located in Newark, Delaware.

Palmetto Kenpo Karate


A great place to have fun and learn an innovative and practical self-defense. We teach kids and adults of all ages. Located in Lexington, South Carolina.

Premier Kenpo Karate



Premier Kenpo is a self-defense school first and foremost. No tournaments, no acrobatics, no cages, no easy path to Black Belt, just proven, street tested self-defense. Located in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Southside Combat Club


Adapt, Evolve, Become. Located in Florence and Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


Steadfast Kenpo Karate


Based in Lucan Co Dublin teaching Master Paul Mills AKKI Kenpo. Our school caters for Adults and Children both male and female. We have an open door policy so regardless if you are a novice or experienced why not come along and experience a class. Located in Dublin, Ireland.

 MSD Kenpo Karate

525 Wheatfield St,
North Tonawanda, NY 14120