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Robert Guida- Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY Instructor

Robert Guida- 1st Degree Black Belt, Owner and Head Instructor

I have been training and teaching the Martial Arts, specifically Karate in the Buffalo area for years.    Not only do I have a passion for Karate but I have  a passion for Buffalo and everything about it.  I left Buffalo at 18 to go to college and join the Army but I came back to WNY after the Army because I loved it.   I fell in love with Kenpo Karate after watching Karate demos in Buffalo and researching Kenpo Karate online.    I consider myself fortunate be able to join the AKKI and that I found a superb instructor, Professor of the Art, 6th Degree Black Belt Joe Ferraccio, who is linked directly to Paul Mills and Ed Parker.   I am proud to own and operate MSD Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY

Civilian Credentials-

  • 16 Years as an United States Army Officer:  Current rank is Major
  • 2 Combat deployments; Bosnia and Iraq
  • Top Secret Clearance from the Department of Defense
  • Member of 82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne and 20th Special Forces Group
  • MBA from Niagara University
  • Over 10 years teaching and training students

 Martial Arts Journey

  • Started almost 20 years ago with Nihon Goshen Aikido
  • Continued with Military combatives training
  • Fell in Love with Kenpo Karate.
  • Member of the AKKI (American Kenpo Karate International)



Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY Instructor

Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY Instructor

Jeff- 3rd Black Belt
Jeff is my friend and a mentor and he has been studying Kenpo Karate and the martial arts for almost 20 years in and around Buffalo. He is a professional that loves to teach serious students how to use Kenpo to fight. I could not ask for a better friend.


Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY Instructor

Kevin - Brown Belt
Kevin is a brown belt by choice. He is a black belt three times over also with 20 years in Karate and the martial arts in Tonawanda and Buffalo. Now focuses not only on Kenpo Karate but on Salat, Kali and he is also training on multiple weapons. He is my friend and the person who I can hit to try new karate techniques whenever I want.    He is the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.  He is a true friend and I am honored to have him help me train and help me teach.


 MSD Kenpo Karate

525 Wheatfield St,
North Tonawanda, NY 14120