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Robert Guida- Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY Instructor

Robert Guida- 1st Degree Black Belt, Owner and Head Instructor

I have been training and teaching the Martial Arts, specifically Karate in the Buffalo area for years.    Not only do I have a passion for Karate but I have  a passion for Buffalo and everything about it.  I left Buffalo at 18 to go to college and join the Army but I came back to WNY after the Army because I loved it.   I fell in love with Kenpo Karate after watching Karate demos in Buffalo and researching Kenpo Karate online.    I consider myself fortunate be able to join the AKKI and that I found a superb instructor, Professor of the Art, 6th Degree Black Belt Joe Ferraccio, who is linked directly to Paul Mills and Ed Parker and now I am even more amazed that I found Associate Master of the Art, Mr Vigoroux.     I am proud to own and operate 1MSD Kenpo Karate Tonawanda NY

Civilian Credentials-

  • 16 Years as an United States Army Officer:  Current rank is Major
  • 2 Combat deployments; Bosnia and Iraq
  • Top Secret Clearance from the Department of Defense
  • Member of 82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne and 20th Special Forces Group
  • MBA from Niagara University
  • Over 10 years teaching and training students

 Martial Arts Journey

  • Started almost 20 years ago with Nihon Goshen Aikido
  • Continued with Military combatives training
  • Fell in Love with Kenpo Karate.
  • Member of the AKKI (American Kenpo Karate International) for 4 years- Paul Mills System
  • Member of the VIIA (Vigoroux International Instructors Alliance)


 MSD Kenpo Karate

525 Wheatfield St,
North Tonawanda, NY 14120