Self Defense Class


Everyone wants to go to a self defense class but rarely does someone want to put the time and effort into really learning self defense. It takes time and effort to learn real self defense. And, I do not mean simply learning the different strikes that you can use on someone. I mean you have to learn: footwork, balance, coordination, power, timing, flexibility, relaxation, and mental discipline. This is what a good self defense class teaches; not just elbows and knees.

Adult Kenpo Karate is is taught as a progression, you learn the basic blocks on the first day of the self defense classes but than, after the basic block is mastered through repetition, the open handed block is learned, than the open handed parry, than the slip, and so on.  It is  a progression from basic to advanced.   As Ed Parker used to say, like writing-  you can not learn to write cursive the first day.  You must learn block letters first and then move on.

Kenpo is learned this way; from basic to advanced self defense classes so you are ready when you need to be ready.