Thoughts on Karate Adult Class

Thoughts on Karate Adult Class

Karate Adult Class can be hard to teach because every adult wants something different when they walk through the front doors of a Karate Studio. Some want the Self Defense Applications that are learned and are concerned about physical violence in the out side word; Others want a fun and clean environment to get the heart rate pumping and have fun learning a new skill; and others want to get away from their Wives (or Husbands) for a couple hours a week!

I have been lucky enough to travel in my life and when I go somewhere I try to find a local martial arts school to take a couple of classes and experience what someone else teaches. Because of this I have seen many different Adult classes run by different schools across the country and I learned something from all of them. Some I think were too focused on physical Fitness and didn’t spend enough time teaching martial arts and others were too focused on techniques and never taught how the techniques should be used. Honestly, some were fantastic. The one that sticks in my mind as the best adult class was a Wing Chun School in Ft Bragg, NC. It was 90 minutes of sweating but we were not doing general exercises, the activities we were doing were martial arts related like boxing drills and combat drills that kept you moving but also taught you solid martial arts.

That is why my adult classes are 90 minutes and are divided into 3 sections, physical fitness, techniques and applications. If you want to learn more- give me a call!!

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