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Buffalo Martial Arts. Sometimes we have to travel to find a good schools!




$19.95 Intro Offer- One week- three classes, 2 group and 1 private lesson.

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Courage

Hello, my name is Robert Guida and I am the owner, and chief instructor of MSD Kenpo Karate. I am proud to run a school of the highest quality in martial arts as I teach Kids Karate classes for all ages and I teach adults Karate Classes in AKKI Kenpo. I am 20 year Army Veteran and I have been teaching karate for years. My love for teaching Kenpo Karate in Tonawanda, NY is only equal to my desire to see my students from Buffalo succeed.

Self Defense is not learning to block and strike.  It is also learning to be aware of your situation.    Learning Martial Arts if you live if Buffalo will not only help you protect yourself but it will also help you recognize when you are in a dangerous situation so you can leave.    Buffalo is a great city but, as a realist, I recommend learning Buffalo Martial Arts just in case you need to defend yourself.

For Adults, Kenpo Karate Classes are dynamic self defense system that is catered to the individual practitioner. It is taught as a complete system but once a technique is “learned” the student is encouraged to explore how to make it work for them.

It is not enough to learn a move or a technique, a student is always encouraged to explore how that move will work for them with different partners. While the classical technique must be learned it is more important to understand to to use that classical movement in real life.

MSD is Motivation, Sacrifice and Dedication.

That is what you need to achieve fulfillment in life. There are always hard choices to make but the easy road is seldom the most fulfilling because the more you challenge yourself the greater you will be. Kenpo Karate Classes will challenge you because it is not easy to learn therefore,this is not a two year Black Belt mill but rather a choice to be great and lead a fulfilling life because Karate and the Martial Arts is a way of life, not a belt.

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1st class is always FREE


MSD Kenpo Karate

(716) 777-4220

525 Wheatfield St,
North Tonawanda, NY 14120





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