You are doing Kenpo Karate if:

You are doing Kenpo Karate if:

– Are relaxed but tense at the moment of impact
– Believe in tailoring
– Understand that every strike is linear and circular
– Generate great force using small movements
– Use an opponent’s force against him
– Understand rebounding and elastic recoil
– Strike first and a lot
– Use mobility to your advantage
– Are on a journey of learning that never stops
– Use and understand rhythmic timing
– Round off corners and elongate circles
– Strive to fill in the gaps between motion and between personal learning
– Understand and employ regulation of speed and power.
– Eliminate “and” then employ “with” in all your motion.
– Don’t get bound up by your own limbs during motion -understand your personal gaps
– Find the treasure in the transitions
– See targets, not ‘techniques’

– ABOVE ALL- Hit them with attitude

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