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Learning how to persevere and follow through on a commitment is something that has been slowly fading away in our society. Kids are commonly learning that they can easily just quit a sport, activity, or pursuit at the first sign of frustration or difficulty, rather than pushing through and experiencing the joy of completion and success. Unfortunately, the habits and traits that we grow and nurture in our children while they are young are going to be the same habits and traits that they carry with them into adulthood. Quitting at the first sign of opposition or frustration is certainly not a trait we want grown adults utilizing, so we must learn how to help our children navigate this while they are young.


Martial arts is one of the best sports to help teach kids the art of perseverance. Martial arts is hard, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Not only that, but the added benefit of the belt system allows students to see measurable progress for both themselves and their peers above them. They are able to look at a higher belt and see that it is very possible to achieve that belt, too, simply by sticking with it.


Martial arts teaches kids that failure is a normal and expected part of life, and that it should be embraced, rather than rejected and shunned. Each new kick, punch, and skill they learn will begin with only marginal success, but they will begin to see progress rather quickly as they stick with it and continue to practice. As they see the result of sticking with something beyond their initial failure, they will be able to take that knowledge and apply it to other areas of life, as well, whether that be school, other sports, new skills, or even their relationships.


In martial arts, kids get to see their perseverance rewarded with tips on their belt, and eventually a new belt. If they make a very serious commitment to the sport, they may even be awarded a black belt one day. These small but meaningful accomplishments keep kids from focusing on their failures or the obstacles they face in a negative way, and begins to shape them into something positive. They learn that failure is necessary for learning and getting better, and that each failed rep gets them closer to the perfect rep. There is no perfect kick without a lot of failed kicks.


If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and encouraging environment that will draw your child into the character trait of having perseverance and not quitting at the first sign of frustration, failure, or opposition, martial arts is likely the sport you’ve been needing. Building perseverance in our children is no small task, especially in a culture that encourages quitting when things get hard. Children who learn to persevere and thrive become adults who learn to persevere and thrive through their jobs, relationships, activities, and lives.


Give your child the gift of perseverance by starting them in a high quality martial arts program. The benefits will last a lifetime.



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